Weather and Climate of Sikkim
The different areas of Sikkim range from an altitude of 280 meters to 8,585 meters, and as a result the state experiences a combination of tropical, temperate and frigid climate in different regions of the state. The climate at Sikkim is such that the rainy season extends from the month of June to September. As a matter of fact, Sikkim is possibly one of the very few states to be blessed with reliable events of awe-inspiring snowfalls.

In Sikkim, Monsoon begins around June and keep on till around September. During this time Sikkim undergo heavy downpour with heavy landslides across the state. The weather is moderately humid during the monsoons due to the continuous rainfall that most part of the state receives.

And, autumn in Sikkim is extended from September to October which is considered as a tourist season across the state. During this time the weather is not as less humid and quite pleasant.

Besides, winter here starts around the month of November and continues till around early March, although the temperature drops notably during the months of December to February. The winters in Sikkim are portrayed by foggy chilly mornings and cold nights, and inconsistent season showers. Temperature falls below 0 degree Celsius during winter. The snowline of Sikkim is approx. 6,000 meters. The high altitude in the northern region permits the temperature to drop below -40°C in winters. The accurate winter season starts from late December till February, when the state gets too cold and damp due to inconsistent rain showers. During winters, Sikkim also gets a covering of deep fog, making transportation very risky.

And the best season of the region is the spring time. During this time the weather is quite sunny and warm. Like the autumn months, this period is too quite popular among the tourists and visitors swarm to different parts of Sikkim during these months.

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