Weather and Climate of Darjeeling
Weather conditions in Darjeeling hill town do not follow the usual moderate type of weather. Actually it fluctuates quite extensively across the district widely over the year, even on a particular month, even the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures can be experienced. Darjeeling has a temperate climate and the favorable season to visit the place is from September to June. In winters (December to January) the region has a cool climate within the average range of 5 °C to 7 °C. Minimum temperature during this season can be freezing –2 °C. Snowfalls are not common during winters.

During spring (February to March) the weather is charming with moderate climate. This season is best for picturesque beauties. Likewise, summers (April to June) are mild with maximum temperature never crossing 25 °C. This pleasant climate attracts lots of tourists during this season. And, monsoons (July to August) are escorted with extreme rain causing roadblocks. During monsoon, often landslides take place in Darjeeling area that can effect in important road communications getting cut off. However, there are several routes and approaches to Darjeeling; this is usually not a huge problem.

Talking about, autumn (September to November) is accompanied with alternating showers which makes the region looks spectacular during this period. Darjeeling becomes rapture for the tourists during these three months. The mist or the fog which is so common during the monsoon now begins clearing and the sky becomes clear.

Besides, the humidity level varies depending on the time of the day and month. In the morning the humidity at Darjeeling town can ranges from72% to 96%, and in the evening between 82% and 96%. The most humid months are June through September when the humidity level varies between 93-96%. The least humid months are March and December.

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