Village tour at Nepal
Nepal is small landlocked and mountainous country. Being the mountainous country, major part of the Nepal is covered with villages. The different bio diversity and the landscapes have made Nepal more interesting and beautiful in the same way. There are numerous number of beautiful villages in Nepal. Different villages are settled by different ethnics group of people. The people have their own way of living and own lifestyle. The culture is also different from village to village. The unity in the diversity has made the villages of Nepal more interesting.

To have the village tour at Nepal, Frontline Tours & Travels is arranging several types of packages in the beautiful villages of Nepal. Some of the beautiful villages of the Nepal are Sirubari village tour, Bridim village tour, Ghale gaun tour, Helambu tour, Chandagiri village tour, Balthali village tour, Kumroj village tour, Bandipur village tour, Dhading village tour and tour at other different parts of Nepal.

Tour at different village of Nepal will enables the trekkers to view the wonderful lifestyle and the culture of the local people. Similarly, as Nepal is a Himalayan country while trekking at the villages of Nepal, we can get the crystal clear view of the White Mountains from different viewpoints of the trekking route. The trekkers will surely be mesmerized while trekking at the beautiful villages of Nepal as the helpful and generous people of the village will always help the visitors and regard them as the living god. They will serve the trekkers with the delicious and mouth watering food items including the local foods prepared by them. Thus, trekking at the beautiful villages of Nepal will be fantastic in many ways.
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