Travel Information of Sikkim
Packing should be done taking much care before going for a tour. You will have to lug the necessary things like seasonal clothing since the destination might have diverse climate. In that sense warm as well as light clothes will be obligatory. Get woolen hat or sunhat to cover the face and neck, long-sleeved t-shirts that would save you from sun burn, short pants or trousers both light and heavy weight for cold weather. And, include warm jacket, gloves, and snow if you are traveling to the high altitudes. Also, take wind and water proof rain coat and trouser as well as thermal underwear useful for cold night wear when sleeping.
Regarding footwear, you will have to take a pair of comfy mountaineering boots, one pair of light sports shoe, a pair of sandal or slippers and few pairs of cotton thick /light shocks. Do not forget to carry a bag for personal and valuable items; do not miss camera and film, spare passport photos, water bottle, money belt, torch, sewing kit, ipods, books, soap to wash clothes, writing materials, Swiss Army knife, calculator, personal toiletries, including tampons, contraceptives, insect repellent, sunscreen, personal first aid kit including band aids/bandages, laxatives, upset stomach remedy, anti-diarrhea remedy, Panadol/Aspirin, antiseptic cream/powder, sterile dressings, any relevant course of medication such as contraceptive pills.
Additionally, exchange and carry an official currency before you go for the trek. Also, take water bottle, money, passport, towel, toilet items, soap, rain coat or things you need for the period of the hiking in the day, walking stick, and a sleeping bag for night.
Take care if you wear glasses, it is sensible to bring an extra pair since opticians may be rarely located. If you wear contact lenses you may find that climatic changes and filth can create visual irritation, so, it is suitable to bring a pair of glasses.
Be careful about the important documents, carry travel insurance, passport which are valuable documents and you should take care to keep it safe, if possible keep it in a money belt that is worn under your clothing. Take photo copies of significant pages in your passport and visas that you may purchase in case of loss or damage.

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