Tibetan festivals
The Tibetan culture is one of the unique cultures of the world. They celebrate different types of festivals. Many trekkers from whole around the world used to visit at Tibet at the festival season to enjoy the festivals that are celebrated at the Tibet. Some of the major festivals that are celebrated at the Tibetan culture are Tibetan New Year, butter lantern festival, sagar Dawa festival, shoton festival of Lhasa, bathing festival, Onkongor festival, horse racing fair and archery festival and other several local festivals. Similarly, Lhosar is also celebrated at different regions of Tibet with great joy and happiness.

The most important festival of the Tibet is the New Year which is like the Christmas. They used to celebrate the New Years Eve with great joy and happiness. Similarly, the butter lamp day is another famous festival of the Tibet which falls on the 15th day of the Tibetan calendar. Saka Dava at Tibet is celebrated at the April 15 according to the Tibetan calendar. The Ongkor is also known as the Harvest festival which is celebrated with great joy and fun all around the Tibet. After celebrating the harvest festivals the farmers of the Tibet will be busy in harvesting the crops. Similarly, the bathing festival of the Tibet is also one of the major festivals of Nepal. It is celebrated in the early of the 7th month. This festival has great importance in the Tibetan culture. It is believed that the bathing festival will cure and clear all the diseases from the life of the people.

Besides the above mentioned festivals of the Tibet there are several festivals like Shigatse festivals, Chamdo Festivals, Nakchu Festivals, Ngari Festivals and Nyingchi festivals which are celebrated all around the Tibet.

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