National Park/Jungle Safari Tour
Nepal has ten national parks, four wildlife reserve camps and seven conservation areas which are important for different kinds of rare and non rare wildlife, flora, fauna, geological and other special interest. Nepal is rich in its natural and wildlife resources and these are preserved and protected National parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Nepal has around 18% of its land as protected areas either known as national parks or wildlife reserves camp or conservation areas. Nepal’s rich bio diversity makes it one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world. Almost 19% of the country’s total land accounts for its twenty one protected wildlife areas across the country. Among them ten are national parks, four are wildlife reserve camps and seven are conservation areas.
National parks and wildlife reserve camps of Nepal offers various species of rare and non rare wild animals, different species of birds and butterflies, different types of forests and vast landscapes. If you interested to explore different types of rare and non rare wildlife, different species of birds, butterflies, forests and hidden landscapes national park and jungle safari tour is suitable for you. It is the best way to see the dangerous wildlife and beautiful species of birds through your bare eyes. National park and jungle safari tour include the two important national parks (Chitwan and Bardiya) and one important wildlife reserve camp (Koshi Tappu) of Nepal. Chitwan and Bardiya national parks are famous for different kinds of rare and non rare wildlife, different kinds of forests and vast landscapes where visitors can explore the important aspects of the wildlife. Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve camp is famous for various species of birds where visitors can see the most attractive species of birds through their bare eyes. As per your interest you can visit two national parks and one wildlife reserve camp or choose one of them.

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