Luxury tours
Nepal is one of the countries where you can do several activities while visiting. One of them is luxury tours. Luxury tours in Nepal combine natural, cultural and wildlife experiences as a whole in one task. The luxury tour in Nepal will provide us a golden opportunity to meet with the local people of Nepal. Through the meeting you will know about Nepalese people. The hospitable and helpful nature of Nepalese people will surely attracts many of the visitors. This type of activities includes flying in the air of Kathmandu valley viewing the best scene of the historical places of the Nepal. Similarly, we can have the boat ride at the lakes of Pokhara especially at Phewa Lake. Nowadays the act f having Jungle safari by sitting at the back of the elephant is also gaining its popularity among the visitors. Thus, jungle safari is also becoming a luxury tour at Nepal. Thus combining such several tasks into one, we can have the best luxury tours in Nepal.

To do the luxury tours in Nepal, there is no bound in ages. People of any age group can do such types of tour in Nepal. The luxury tour in Nepal begins from Nepal with the beautiful and scenic flight around the Kathmandu valley viewing the best scene of the cultural things along with other scene of the capital city.

Then, our team of Frontline Tours & Travels will be headed towards the beautiful valley of Nepal i.e. Pokhara. The tour at the Pokhara valley will be glorious as we can view the best scene of Nepal (may be of world) during our tour in Pokhara. After getting the immense pleasure with the natural view of the Pokhara, we will be headed towards the Chitwan. We can spend several days at Chitwan visiting around the national parks and wildlife reserves. The visit around the national parks will add some joy in our tour at Nepal.
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