History of Tibet
Tibet is a very beautiful place with great historical background. Tibetan government is a part of the world which was departed from the Chinese government. So still the Tibet is ruled by the Dalai Lama. China and people of china insists that there is pure internal affair between china and Tibet. But still the legal existence of the Tibet is a matter of controversy in the world physical existence. To the legal standpoint, Tibet hasn’t lost its statehood till the date. It is an independent state under illegal occupation. But Chinese government hasn't claimed any sovereignty over the Tibet.

Tibet is one of the great Buddhist regions of the world. Majority of the people of Tibet used to follow the Buddhists as their main religion. Similarly, the life style of the people is called Tibetan style is common in the world as it was actually the life style of the Buddhists people. Being suffered from several political conditions, Tibet is developing slowly and gradually. The local resources available at the Tibet have to be proved to be boon for the development of the tourism in the Tibet. The matter of the sovereignty is still the matter of the controversy in the world political condition and sometimes it will take the major steps into the conflict between the people of these two places i.e. china and Tibet. But, besides these circumstances, Tibet is a very beautiful and developed tourist place of world. Annually, Tibet used to welcome numerous numbers of tourists at its local territory.
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