History of Bhutan
History of Bhutan

The history of the Bhutan is very interesting. The early history of the Buddhist is steeped in the Buddhists mythology. It is believed that, the Guru Rinpoche, who has the ability to change him in eight different forms; visited Bhutan by flying in a tiger and left the print of his body and his hat at the rocks of the Bhutan. There are different tales about the ancient histories of the Bhutanese people. While reading the history of the Bhutan, our imagination will flow inside our body like the water.

Situating between the China and India, Bhutan is one of the less developed but beautiful country in the natural resources. Majority of the people of Bhutan used to follow the Buddhism as their main religion. It is a small country in its size. Hence, the total population of the Tibet is around 0.7 million. The culture and traditions of the Bhutanese people along with the beautiful landscapes of the country has helped the country to welcome many visitors in recent days. It is one of the monarchial countries of the world. Due to the increasing investment in the beautiful area of the Bhutan including the remote regions of the country, it is becoming one of the major attractions of the tourist nowadays. Besides, these increments in tourism, the country itself suffer the great problem of illiteracy and population growth nowadays. Bhutan has many names according to their histories. Since the majority of the Bhutanese people used to follow the Buddhism as their main culture, the life style and the tradition of the people of the Bhutan is same to the Tibetan people in many aspects.

Bhutan; till the early 17th century, was one of the loosely constructed countries of the world. It was unified with the militaries and the Tibetan lamas later of the century. Then with the passage of the time, Bhutan has somehow begun to develop the infrastructure in the country and doing several things to increase the tourism at its land.

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