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 During your Nepal trips, due to sudden change in climate and altitude, there could arise some alterations in your health. But, the reality is, it is very hard to know all aspects of health problems during your trip. However, it is very useful to get information about health hazards like altitude sickness, diarrhea, dysentery, tetanus, hepatitis, cholera, meningitis, rabies, malaria, HIV/AIDS, diphtheria, and many others. Remember that, our common sense can save our lives and prevention is always the best medicine.

In fact, one of the most common illnesses that a tourist would be facing during Nepal trips can be Diarrhea. It's simply because they have to have eating and drinking in various outlets. Therefore, we always recommend you to drink purified water and eat in the clean outlets. And it is highly recommended to stay hydrated during the trips of all kind. To enjoy the Nepal trips to their fullest, it is very essential to remain in good health before leaving for the trips. Prior to commencing the trip in any destination, you should undergo a thorough physical checkup so that you do not have to doubt about your own health while going for some challenging trips. And so far as the vaccination is concerned, we recommend vaccination for the diseases like Malaria, Small Pox, Tetanus, Meningitis, Typhoid, Polio and Hepatitis before your travel to Nepal; it's going to be the safe side. Medical facilities in Kathmandu are sound and you can get almost all kind of medicines in Kathmandu including those imported from abroad. But medical facilities are not on equivalence with those found in the capital although many health posts have been set up by the government in different remote and rural parts of Nepal.

So, we recommend the following medical kit while traveling to the remote and rural parts of Nepal.

• Aspirin or Panadol: for pain or fever
• Antibiotics: which is useful especially when trekking well off-the-beaten-track but must be prescribed
• Antihistamine: used as a decongestant for colds and allergies
• Rehydration Mixture: used for the treatment of severe diarrhea
• Kaolin Preparation (Pepto-Bismol), Lomotil or Imodium: used for stomach upsets
• Calamine Lotion: to ease the irritation from bites or stings
• Antiseptic, antibiotic powder and mercurochrome or similar 'dry' spray: used for cuts and grazes
• Thermometer, scissors and tweezers
• Bandages and bandages: useful in case of minor injuries
• Insect Repellant, santalotion, sun block cream, chap sticks and water
• Moleskin
• Strepsils: used for sore throats
• Sulamyd 10%: eye drops
• Paracetamol
• Diamox: used for altitude sickness
• Antacid tablets
• Sterile Syringe Set: as anti-AIDS precaution
Frontline Tours and travels is always dedicated to provide information and services regarding health and comfort to its valued clients during their Nepal trips.
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