Geography of Tibet
The geography of the Tibet consists of the high hills, lake and the beautiful rivers of the region. Tibet is situated at the top of the world. So, Tibet is also called "the roof of the world". The Tibetan plateau is huge region of the southwestern china. The whole Tibet is divided into three parts; East Tibet, south Tibet and north Tibet. The unique landscapes of the Tibet have made the region more interesting and beautiful too. Tibet is popular with the beautiful view of the high hills and mountains of the region. Similarly, the cultural settlements of the

Tibet is also popular in the world. The high mountains and the deep canyons provide the breathtaking view at these places. The southern border of the Tibet is the top of the world; Mt. Everest. Similarly, the southern state consist many high lands and freezing place. There are several rivers at the southern part of the Tibet. Similarly at the northern part of the Tibet, there are vast plateaus. The Kunlun Mountain lies at the northern part of the Tibet long with the Tanggula Mountain. The Changtang plateau is the most famous place of this region.
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