Festivals in Darjeeling
Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity are the three popular religion of the region and these people celebrate therefore are Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and Holi as there major festivals in Darjeeling. Frontline Tours & Travels is your best outdoor tour agency of Nepal from which the festival trekking in Darjeeling is possible.
Dussehra that falls in October is the main festival celebrated by both Hindus as well as non-Hindus. It symbolizes the victory of the forces of good over evil and is regarded as an auspicious time to commence new endeavor in life and goddess of power Durga is worshipped, large colorful parade is organized followed by feasting.
Diwali celebrated in October or November is the festival of lights and is typified by garlands and lights of different varieties everywhere, fireworks and crackers each evening for three days is customary. Most importantly, people worship Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and groups of girls and boys roam round local houses asking money for fun.
However, several local festivals are celebrated by other diverse cultural populace of the region such as Losar, Chaita Dasai, Maghe Sankranti, Buddha Jayanti, Saga Dawa, Chotrul Duchen, Cho Nga Chopa, Tendong Lho Rumfaat, Sansari Puja, Ashar ko Pandra etc. Also, the Lepchas and Bhutias celebrate New Year in January, the Nepalis in October/November while Tibetans celebrate it in February/March. Moreover, the ten days yearly Darjeeling parade is also enjoyed by inhabitants there. The Teesta Tea and Darjeeling Tourism Festival are organized in the months of December and January.
Maghe Sankrati is also one of the major festivals of Darjeeling. It is celebrated in the month of mid January. The celebration of Maghe Sankrati is also referred as the first auspicious day of Nepali month. This is the festival devoted to the respect of Sun god.

And moreover, Bumchu festival in Darjeeling is one of the traditional celebrations. The fascinating Bumchu festival is celebrated during the first week of March month with utmost fun and dedication. Bumchu festivity is very popular and is celebrated with aesthetic devotion.

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