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Being a leading tours and trekking operators in Nepal, Frontline Tours and Travels provides almost all kind of touring and adventure packages in various destinations. And the cost for the various packages depends on the quality or level of service and group size that we offer. We aim to provide our clients with the world-class touring and trekking services within very affordable and competitive prices providing them the optimum satisfaction. We specialize in organizing all kind of tour packages including Family Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Pilgrimage Tours, Sunrise Tours, All Nepal Tour, and other popular tour packages in Bhutan and Tibet. As for trekking, we can operate both Tea Hose Treks and Camping Treks as per your interests and needs.

During your trip, the Guide is in overall charge of the trip and he/she is responsible for looking after you before, during and after the trip. Trip guide is the person who monitors if you have any problems or questions regarding anything during the trip. Frontline Tours and Travels possess highly experienced and professionally trained guides and other staffs to ensure your optimum satisfaction in Nepal trips. Our guides undergo extensive training and are completely knowledgeable in all aspects of touring and trekking trips. If you are in large group, then The Sardar will be the in charge of the actual trek operation and s/he is responsible for supervising night stops, allocating tasks to Sherpas, sorting out porter loads, looking after the other staffs and lot more.

In high Himalayas, The Sherpas guide your trek. Due to trail conditions and so on, they often have to make minor variations on the designed itineraries. Sherpa guides are also responsible for assisting Guide and Sardar while distributing porter loads. Our Porters will work directly under the Sherpa or Sardar and is responsible for carrying your duffel bag or rucksack and equipment. Porters carry loads and their job finished at the night's stay. Frontline Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. has clear and amiable Staff Care Policy to build the strong relationship between the company and staffs.

During the entire trip, we are in constant communications with our team. If you have any problem of concern about any aspect your trip, you need to ask to the Guide immediately. As your Guide is professional and caring, s/he will immediately come out with the solutions. The sooner we know about the problems of yours, the sooner we can fix them. On the trek, we provide you with a delicious mixture of Asian and Western cuisines as per your taste and interests. You can taste the typical Nepali cuisines during the trip. And during Tea House or Lodge Treks and Camping Treks, we arrange all accommodation and cuisines needs for you. And during all touring trips, we arrange the best possible transportation and accommodation as well as cuisines needs. Let us serve you the best during your Nepal holidays. Frontline Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. cordially welcomes you all.
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