Educational and adventurous trekking tour in Nepal
Nepal is one of the best destinations for educational and adventurous tours. Nepal provides so many opportunities to the students to have the research and adventurous things. It is often said that Nepal is a open book for many learners who want to learn about the nature and the cultural things of here. The presence of diversity in nature and the historical and the cultural places of Nepal will always provide the learners with something new to learn. Besides the historical and the natural aspects of Nepal, we can also learn about the wildlife and ecology, mediation, and yoga and spirituals and pilgrimages tours in Nepal. Similarly, the adventurous trekking at the high hills of Nepal will also provide great experiences while visiting at Nepal.

Nepal is absolutely suitable for those visitors who want to acquire the knowledge about the historical places o Nepal, the ancient lifestyles, temples, monasteries, museums, different types of Hindu temples along with the great view of the Buddhists culture at different parts of Nepal. Not only the cultural but Nepal is equally rich at the natural resources. Nepal is the second richest country in the world in forest resources and water resources. Thus, Nepal has proven to be dreamland for many students and researchers. Nepal is compared with the paradise for many researchers. The presence of vegetation and wildlife at the jungles of Nepal is surely researchable. The study of the natural things as well as cultural things of Nepal will be the best feeling for any learners or students who want to learn new things in his life.
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