During your Nepal trips, Frontline Tours & Travels offers varieties of standard western cuisines to the local foods available. In Nepal, you can also get some Continental, Chinese, Indian, Korean and even Italian Dishes. And you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner with typical variations. Whatever be the variety, we arrange for the hygienic and delicious foods during your Nepal holidays. We have suggested some of the major Nepali cuisines you can taste during your Nepal stay.

Nepali Cuisine
For Nepalese people, Dal-Bhat-Tarkari (Pulse-Rice-Vegetable) is the staple food. And it is served in the most of Nepalese houses in both lunch as well as dinner. In fact, Dal is a soup made of lentils and spices. And Bhat is rice and Tarkari means vegetable curry. Mostly served vegetables in Nepal are Spinach, potato and squash among many others. The typical condiments are small amount of extremely spicy chutney or achaar which are made from fresh ingredients or may be a kind of fermented pickle. Other ingredients can be sliced lemon or lime and fresh chili peppers. Chapattis or Rotis are the flat pancake like breads made of wheat or rice flour.

In Nepal, people enjoy huge range of sticky sweets based on milk most of the time. The most visible among them are Barfi, Lal Mohan, Rasbari, Kheer (rice pudding) and Jelebi (organge figure of eight deep fried syrupy sweets).

The major snacks in Nepal include maize popped or parched called khaja which may consists of beaten rice (chyura), dry-roasted soybeans (bhatmas), biscuits, samosa, and Indian sweets.

Non Alcoholic Beverages
Some non-alcoholic beverages in Nepal include Tea (Chiya) which is usually taken with milk and sugar and Lassi which is a refreshing drink of curd (yoghurt) mixed with sugar and water, buttermilk (mahi) and sugarcane juice (sarbat).

Alcoholic Beverages
Raksi which is spirit made in rustic distilleries and Chhyang which is a homemade beer made from rice. You can find Millet beer especially at higher elevations.
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