Bungee jumping in Nepal

Bungee jumping is one of the best adventure sports that a trekkers or visitors can do in Nepal. This process includes falling from the height with the help of rope tied in the body freely in the low lands. Thus, such types of falling activities will be loved by the adventure seeker. Though it ma\y seem thrilling and scary to many beginners, due to the provision of better helper and other facilities, the number of persons doing bungee jumping in Nepal is increasing day by day. There is only one place in Nepal where one can do the bungee jumping. It is at the gorge of the Bhote Koshi River. The falling from the suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi River to down towards the flowing river will surely helps us to gain much pleasure and adventure in the same way. In foreign country, the bungee jumping is done from the high buildings. So, doing the adventurous act in the natural place will surely provide the amazing feeling in the heart of the visitors.

Frontline Tours & Travels is arranging the bungee jumping in Nepal according to the wish of the visitors of Nepal. The bungee jumping spot lies about 3 hours outside the valley. There is only one agency which is arranging all the procedure for the bungee jumping. As this is the most risky act, the provision of safety and insurance along with other many things are arranged by the agency itself.


Day 01: Kathmandu to Last resort

Day 02: Bungee jumping day

Day 01: Kathmandu to Last resort

From Kathmandu, we will drive towards our destination i.e. Bhote Koshi river. The route goes for about 4 to 5 hours through the scenic road. The view of the road side will be watch able. We will rest the day at the Last resort. If we have limited time, then we can do the bungee jumping the same day too. But as Frontline Tours & Travels suggests, we will do the jumping in the following day.

Day 02: Bungee jumping day
We will wake up early in the morning to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding. The ever flowing river Bhote Koshi River will be there for us every second to enjoy the fast flow of it. We will do the Bungee Jumping and will return back to the Kathmandu sharing our feeling of bungee jumping with friends. The night will be at Kathmandu enjoying with friends.

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