Are you planning visit Nepal for any kind of adventure or tour purpose? If so, you need to be well aware of few things right before your departure. We suggest you that before planning your travel trip in anywhere outside of your country, you always need to consult your government authorities to get clear information about any current travel alerts to the areas you are planning to travel in. After your arrival, first of all, you need to get registered with your embassy or reliable and relevant travel alert websites. We would suggest you that it's always important to consult and register with them prior to your departure.

If you want to know whether traveling in Nepal is safe, we would say that political situation here is safe now. And you can feel free to plan your holidays in Nepal.

The other thing you need to be aware of is the company or agency which you have chosen for organizing your trips in Nepal. Beware to book any trekking or trips with illegal companies or agencies or individual. Always make sure that the company has legally registered with Nepal government as well as travel association of Nepal. Choosing the government registered and reliable travel company is very important for you. There are many so-called trekking and touring companies or agencies offering various tours and other adventure activities in Nepal and they take advantage and money from unsuspecting foreign tourists. Thus, it is always important to make the right choice in the right time in order to have a successful and happy trip. You also need to know that there many companies running business without observing legal formalities by the country act and even not registered with the concerned office authority. We suggest you to always make sure of the following things prior to confirm your journey with any trekking and travel company:

Proper Government Authorities
• Always make sure if the Company is registered with the proper government authorities
• Always ensure if the Company is associated with appropriate travel and trekking associations
• Always ensure if the Company has all government authorized and referred staffs

Staff Insurance
• Always make sure if the Company has insured staffs against accidents.
Environmentally Conscious
• Always make sure if the Company is environmentally conscious

Tax Clearance
• Make sure if the Company is cleared of back taxes

Guarantors and Bankers
• Always make sure if the company has its own bank account with reputable bank directed by the Government of Nepal

During The Trip: Safety
During the trip, give your passport and air ticket to the travel company or your close friends to keep them safe. If you do not want to take the valuables in trekking, you keep them in the office of Frontline Tours and Travels or in the locker room of the Hotel you are staying. We suggest you to the money belt which is the best way to keep your cash with all the time. Therefore, do not leave anything unattended anywhere and anytime.
Most importantly, don’t trek alone within any Nepal Himalayan Region especially wilderness area. We advise you not to pick up any guide and porter from the street. For the reliability and trip safeguarding, always trek with government registered company.
Frontline Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. is a responsible company with all proper government authorities and licenses, staff insurance, tax clearance environmental consciousness, and bank guarantor.
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