Adventure tours in Nepal
Nepal offers different types of place for having the adventure tours in Nepal. Due to presence of these beautiful and adventurous places, Nepal is one of the most visited and famous tourist places for adventure sports. The beautiful landscapes and the unique physical features have made this country more popular in adventurous tours. There are many electrifying places to have adventurous tours in Nepal. Similarly, we can do several activities while visiting to Nepal to make the trekking more adventurous. Some of the adventurous tours that a trekker can do while in Nepal are mountain biking, motor biking, paragliding, bungee jumping, ultra flight and mountain flight.

Adventure tour in Nepal will help the travelers to gain much excitement because adventure tours will allow the participants to step outside of their comfort zone. Due to its increasing popularity among the trekkers of Nepal, the number of trekkers doing adventure tour in Nepal is increasing day by day.

Trekking is the most popular sport among the visitors but normal trekking through the trekking route can't be named as adventure tour. Rafting is a kind of adventure things that trekkers in Nepal can do. Similarly, Jungle safari is another activity that the trekkers will can to do while travelling to Nepal. Furthermore mountain biking, motor biking, paragliding, bungee jumping are other several acts which need some guts in the heart of the trekkers to do.

Frontline Tours & Travels is arranging several types of adventure tours in Nepal from the past few years. We have better facility in the trekking while doing some adventurous act. The provision of better guide along with the facilities of insurance and first aid will be there to make your adventure journey safer and enjoyable.
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